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Tonight I don't even have.. [entries|friends|calendar]
..the stars to hold onto.

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tonighttonighttonight [21 Mar 2004|12:58am]
[ mood | without the company of Mike ]

Today was really cool. I went to Mike's little brother & sister's birthday swim party at the YMCA. We hung outside for a little while, he skated around, and then we went back inside. We went into the pool area and it was like 90º and too hot so we decieded to go back out to the snack machines and get some food. We put money in and tried to get Hot Tomales but it got stuck so we asked this lady if she could help us, and she shook the machine.. and we only put 75¢ in for one pack, but she assumed we both put in money for 2 packs so we got a free 75¢. And then we went back into the other room and he taped up tables ghetto style, and I played with a Peter Pan boat, and then it was fun. And then we ate ice cream that grandma used to make, but my grandma never made me icecream she just told me to shut up while she went to the Liquor store. And then, we went back to Mike's and we were in his garage playing the guitars. After that we went outside and hung out with Mike Tressler, Jon Vargo, Bill Luskin, Jaleel, And some asian boys.. Jaleel gave me my $2.50 for making out with Mike. ( we acted like prude muffins until he was convinced we were so when we did he was amazed and gave us money.) Then we went inside, and did our hair together. He straightened his and I like blow dried mine like a crazy bitch in the mirror while blasting A Static Lullaby. After that I stole his ASL shirt which I have on right now. We went to the mall, I bought pink shoe lacey laces, a hardcore ( singles ) cd, and bright pink nailpolish. We hung out with Mike Tressler and Tani. We ripped out IPODS out of a Hollister magazine thinger, and ran around acting like we were on walkie talkies. I made a friend named Joel. Black kids winked at me. It was frightning. Then I got dropped off and here I am now. I feel so nothingless without Mike here. I left my senses fail sweatshirt and t-shirt over mikes. Damn, I feel bare. I love you mike.

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spiffy [19 Mar 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | mike is so across the roomish ]

Jaleel just fell. HAHA NIGGER, I HOPE HE HAS SERIOUS BRAIN DAMAGE! MOTHER FUCKER. Okay I'm over Mike's and I love him, and I just updated my whole eljay and redid the whole mother effin thing. Like whoa. I love you Mike.

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ba humbug [19 Mar 2004|10:32am]
[ mood | like an man with no penis ]

i hope i die. blah. fuck. the end.

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fuck this shit. [16 Mar 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | FuckingHorrible ]

fuck this shit. fuck you. fuck them. fuck us. fuck me. fuck her. fuck him. fuck today. fuck tomorrow. fuck the snow. fuck detentions. fuck school. fuck antibiotics. fuck the doctors. fuck money. fuck jobs. fuck techschool. fuck hairdye. fuck the real world. fuck MTV. fuck friends. fuck girls. fuck guys. fuck gangsters. fuck cocky son' of a bitches. fuck being sick. fuck being lonely. fuck everything. FUCK the word FUCK. fuck you. im out.

i love you mike.

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glycerine. [15 Mar 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Oh huhm.. I had a day today. Yes.. I was off from school, so I spent my day with Mike. Can you think of a more special way to spend it.. NO, I didn't think so. So we hung outside for 5 hours, Mike skated around with MikeTressler and Bill came down for a while. And I was the groupee who followed them around and ate their candy, wore their hats, and drank their coke. Fun stuff. Then I watched Mike & Mike add soft trucks to Mike Tresslers deck. Yeah, and then me and Miguel went into his house and hung around and took pictures of his cat's ass. And then we all spun around in the living room and he got his brother and sister tired out like mothers. And then we ate dinner and such, and then we went on the computer and found braclets for 12.50.. a pack of 1,000 or something. Yeah, well I had a lovely day. I love you mike, so much, and now I'm calling you.

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Nacho Cheese & Rent-a-Cops. [13 Mar 2004|11:29pm]
[ mood | tired like a bitch. ]

Well, Well. I woke up around 7 this morning, it sucked. I went to a doctor's appointment, gave some blood, then peed in a cup. Then I went to breakfast, and ate some fries and bacon. After that, I got my dead ends trimmed off my hair, and then I went home. When I got home I called Mike, and we were like whoa. And then we went to the mall at like 6, with Tsunami and we like hung out there. And then Miguel and Tsunami were being poosays and wouldn't throw the mustard on the ground so I did, and then I threw a hot topic shoe box lid on the ground. And then I got some lemonade and shared it with Miguel. Miguel thought he was going to fall down cause we searched the WHOLE mall for the verizon blinkie antenna shop, but it closed down and they never even had the damn blinkie antennas. Man we want some blinkie antennas so if anyone knows where to get some, leave me a comment or two. And Bill was hanging with us and I told him to do his Mrs.Woods call but he wouldn't so it was like whoa. And then, like. We gave out.. beyondthesheepblood flyers. And then, a rent-a-cop was like " Why are you screaming, son? " to Miguel, and he's all like, " I'm not your baby's daddy." But no really he didn't say that but he was like, "sorry I get hyper like whoa late at night, but now I'm tired." So yeah that was like the night of glory. And then, his dad picked us up, but he was mad, because we went to the wrong exit and made him wait too long. =/ oopsy daisy. I get to see my dearest Miguel tomorrow though. Oh boy! Suckers. You're jealous.. oh yeah. I love you Mike, so much. And Katie said she saw me as she was getting her ears pierced but I didn't see her unfortunately so I couldn't scream out a welcome call. Oh dear, well HI KATIE. ( for the record. ) Well I'd say we had a lovely night, eh? I'm sleepy. The mall really wears you out, and I think peeing in a cup might have something to do with sudden sleepiness too. Goodnight. I love you Mike.

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bloodtests and stale perfume. [13 Mar 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Today we had an ACT 80 day or whatever. I saw mike today, I love him. I went over there at like 2ish. We hung out until 10 PM, Tsunami(Tressler) was over too, we took photos and dressed him up as Atoff Hitler, he looked african-american. Then I got a stomach ache, I think I have a cold or something, I feel like vomiting. This sucks. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, then a haircut. I won't be back here until about 4 pm, which blows cause that just takes away my time from seeing my el miguel. It's quite windy out, Oh well, I'm tired. Goodnight. I love you so much mike.

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fotographia [09 Mar 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I think I'm turning japaneese, I think I'm turning japaneese. I'm bored. So yeah, Today is like Tuesday dude. Well, I love you mike so much.

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TseTse Flys and Glycerine [06 Mar 2004|11:45pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Tonight was absolutely lovely. I spent the day with my Mike of course. He came over and I was still in my pajamas and stuff, and I was all like lazy and pussyfootin' around. But it's all good, even if I did look terribly harsh. That's how you can tell real love right there. Then I somehow built up enough energy to straighten my hair, do my makeup, and all that jazz. Then, We went to my aunt's mom's house for dinner and stuff. It was hella cool, cause my uncle is fucking hillarious and we all laughed about the tsetse fly and how Janet Jackson was wearing a nipple shield at the superbowl. Then my uncle mentioned something about selling me his 96' Cherry Red Corvette when I'm 16 for a reasonable amount of cash. Do you know how amazing that would be? I'd be so gnarly, driving to tech in my Corvette. It's fabulous, Atleast I think so. Good times. I have fallen ever so deeply in love with you Michael Jeremenko. You are the bestest person on this god's green earth. Well I'm sleepy, so I'm going to go now. Osta Lavista kids. I love you mike.

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Girr... [06 Mar 2004|11:26am]
[ mood | angry ]

Today looks mighty nice. I'm going to hang out with mike, but yeah, I'm going somewhere, and then I'm going somewhere again or something. haha that was such helpful information. Jesus, anyway.. yeah. Well, since t he topic is on my mind a little bit still, and since this is my journal and I have the power to bitch over anything I want, I think I'll speak of this one last time. Some Jaleel kid called me ugly and It's very traumatizing, haha.. you know? I mean god. He didn't have to say I was flat out ugly, cause that's like major horrible. He could've beated around the bush a little bit, like.. she's not the most beautiful girl in the world.. but no, he just said ugly. well you know what fuck you jaleel, and your mama too. dammit, I'm out. I love you mike. =) Have a nice day kids.

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Baby, Join me in death. [05 Mar 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Well, I'm off punishment. * Praise the Lord * I hope all you fuckers just admire my new eljay layout. I need a more recent eljay picture for my info though, wouldn't you say? Oh well. Today I went to school and stuff, and I hung out with my dearest tampon bandit Jaynee, We smelled rubber cement until we giggled hysterically. Then we went home, and I saw my lovely Mike. It was a nice night, except for my breakdown, but hey, we all have our moments? eh? Well anyway, I really would like to go to Warped this year, and if any of you would all be so kind, you should write your tax deductable donations out to me, send me it in an envelope. Cash and Check donations are valid, No visa or mastercard will be accepted. I apoligize for any inconvience. Here's the line up and the bands I want to see dammit. ( the ones with the *'s next to them are the ones I'm ever so very interested in seeing perform in their hot sweaty moment of glory on stage. )

Alkaline Trio
Amber Pacific
Anatomy of a Ghost*
Anti Flag
As I Lay Dying*
Autopilot Off*
Avenged Sevenfold*
Bad Religion
Beautiful Mistake, The
Billy Talent
Bleed the Dream
Bouncing Souls
Boys Night Out*
Break the Silence
Briggs, The
Bum Ruckus
Casualties, The*
Chronic Future
Code of the Cutz Stage
Coheed and Cambria*
Crowned King
Don't Look Down
Dynamite Boy
Early November, The
Erks, The
Eye Liners, The*
Faith Called Chaos, A
Fall Out Boy
Fear Before the March of Flames
Flogging Molly
From Autumn To Ashes*
From First to Last
From Here On Out
Fuck Ups, The
Go Betty Go
God Awfuls, The
Good Charlotte
Hazen Street
Hidden in Plain View
Hurt Process, The
IMA Robot*
International Noise Conspiracy, The
Juliette Lewis and the Licks
Kinison, The
Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards*
Left Alone (BBQ BAND)
Letter Kills
Matchbook Romance*
Matches, The
Montys Fan Club
Motion City Soundtrack
Much The Same
My Chemical Romance*
Never Heard Of It*
New Found Glory
Over It
Planet Smashers
Plans For Revenge
Ready to Fail
Red West, The
Reeve Oliver
Revolution Smile, The
Rise Against
Rose Hill Drive
Sahara Hotnights
Senses Fail*
Silence, The
Simple Plan
Sounds, The
Stars Hide Fire
Story of the Year*
Straight out of Jr High
Stretch Arm Strong
Taking Back Sunday*
Tiger Army
Tossers, The
Vandals, The*
Washington Social Club

I'd like to see more, but you know how we do. Yeah well, I'm tired out the asshole. Lights out, Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. i love you so very much mike.

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Miniskirts & Tequillas [04 Mar 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Well, Well. I updated my livejournal thinger.. Like I fixed the layout, It's awfully purdy I'd say. Anywho.. Yeah, I'm off punishment tomorrow. WOO! I get to see mike too, god am I happy. I'm really happy, and I'm getting SUBWAY. I'M ALWAYS EATING SUBWAY. I LOVE IT. B'jesus. WARPED TOUR IS GOING TO KICK ASS.. THE LINEUP IS AMAZING. I get to make a bloody mess of a child tomorrow wiith Jaynee. Stupid girls trying to take over her man, so we must seek revenge in the depths of our halls. YES.. something like that. Well, Uhm I'm out like whoa. I love you mike.

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Raspberries & Love Handles [19 Feb 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Oh dear. I miss my Mike more than anything. But today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means I get to see him tomorrow! yay! I'm ever so glad, I can barely take it. Yum. Huhm... I don't know what to write about. Still grounded, No concerts and shit cause mike and I can never find rides, so yeah. It's been kind of slow lately, but hey it's all good. I'm going to jet now, I got Subway. I love you so much mike.

leave me some comments people.

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And even if I don't know how, I'll still know when, the clock strikes 9. [13 Feb 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Well, Im grounded from the computer. Technically I shouldn't be on, but I had to find Mike so I could create plans and I can't text him anymore or use my cell minutes because that's just going to get me yelled at more. I got like an F on my report card if you all are wondering why I'm grounded for a MONTH with no Computer privlages. Tell that one to your children. Anywho, I thought I'd add a journal entry while I'm on here so nobody thinks I have mysteriously vanished, spontaniously combusted, or died. So.. here it is.

On Thursday we we're off so I went over Mikes house. We did amazing things, like make commercials on video camera about auto insurance, and socks. Good stuff. I think Mike is most amazing person alive. I'm so grateful to have the boy, I mean I'd probably end up eating poptarts out of a dumpster, wearing burlap sacks for clothes and carrying a wrench in my back pocket. You see, I just need him like that. I love him tons.

Today is Friday and we're off again. My parents went back down to Warminster to files taxes and shit. So I'm waiting on a ride to go to my Mike's house. Oh boy! I'm ever so excited. I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. Okay, that's enough. Anywho.. Yes I am so eager to journey off to the wonderful world of Mike's house.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Yum. Senses Fail is sold out so I never really got tickets, neither did mike. We were both very angry about this unfortunate event. But it's okay, cause we might just go see Kill Hannah. I heard Jet was coming, well my mom told me so. And as she told me, I simply replied, I'm going to spontainously combust since the airwaves are not in neutral. And now I have a toothache. I'm really hyper, I had a cookie for breakfast. I wonder why anybody isn't online. Isn't it like a National Holiday todaY? Huhm.. The thought Brutaily Beats me in the face, I'll tell ya. Anyways. I love mike, he is my hero, and my idol.

And for all of you out there, Don't worry about me, I'll be back in 2 weeks or so, But If I'm not back in 4, AWAKE AND AVENGE MY DEATH.

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Shoulder Bites and Side Pokes. [01 Feb 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Okay I'm over Mikes house and he just deleted my story about Mufassa but I don't care. I love mike so much and that's all that matters. The End.

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Whose the one whose laughing now? [01 Feb 2004|11:06am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Urgh, get me outta this house. It seems like everything I've done this morning has been negative. They're so annoying, christ.

Do they ever shut up?

I'm bored, I love you mike.

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automatic x stop: just a how. [31 Jan 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

kickme im guilty: How- n. - ( ha-owl ) - An Indian woman who pays hot cheifs for hot ferret sex.
automatic x stop: seriously?!
automatic x stop: god im smart like whoa!
kickme im guilty: I just made that.
kickme im guilty: haha
automatic x stop: oh haha
kickme im guilty: BUT IT WAS DAMN GOOD
automatic x stop: haha hells yes, it was.

Janie and I are going to have mad hot ferret sex with our livejournals.
I'd say this sure sounds like a shindig, oi oi. are you game?

haha good times janie, good times.

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Movies.. And vegetables commiting adultry?! I never thought I'd see the day. [31 Jan 2004|01:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]


Last night I went to the movies with Mike. We saw uhm, the perfect score *. Yes. It was okay, It wasn't as good as I thought it'd be but that's alright. Then when that was over we snuck into Along came Polly or whatever, * huhms nirvana, polly wants a cra-... * anyway... Let's not get sidetracked. We only stayed for like 10 minutes so I can't really critique that one. i love you mike.

Vegetables Commiting Adultry?

Some guy with a stuffy nose called my mom's workline, and was like.. " Hello.. I'm calling about the vegetable affairs, is there a vegatable in your household that I could please speak to?" And I was ever so confused, I didn't mean to be rude but I didn't know what to say next so I simply replied with a long uhmmmmmmmmmmm.... and a quick No. Then I said sorry, and bye. Well, I hope it wasn't jesus trying to communicate with me in other ways, like telling me to talk to the vegetables about adultry for him, because maybe he had a meeting or had to run to the q-mart today? I mean who knows. What is this world coming to?

Tonight sounds hopeful. Mike's coming over, and my Aunt and Uncle, they're hella cool people. hm, Atleast I know my mom won't be a bitch now that she has company over. =] Sounds good. I made a beautiful layout, don't you think. I'm quite pleased with myself today. I think I get really angry when I don't eat, I'm sorry to all of you who I was a hardcore bitch to the last few days, I'm on this medicene for my ADD which makes me lose my appetite so I don't know when I'm hungry or not. All apoligies. =]

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A Stitch for not being me.. [31 Jan 2004|09:01am]
[ mood | numb ]

x. A stitch for all the love,
x. A stitch for all the sorrow,
x. A stitch for not being me &..
x. A stich for all of the horror.

x. A stitch for all the emptiness,
x. A stich for all the pain,
x. A stitch so I can see,
x. But I'll never be the same.

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We're gonna party like it's 1999! [29 Jan 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well.. Nothing's happening. I changed my layout, and I actually liked it. Thanks Mike for the picture, i love you. Yes, Tomorrow is Friday, thank god. I get to see my mike, and uhm we get to hang out and get kicked out of movies. Huhm... I'm so not bored, my parents are getting me SUBWAY tonight, and I'm going to watch Cabin Fever shortly. Woo. Well that's all, uhmmm 30 days still SF, I'm so ordering tickets tonight or tomorrow. I love you mike. Hosta Lavista Kids.

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